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If you’re passionate about helping others, the career possibilities seem endless. From counseling to behavioral health tech to community activism, professions dedicated to helping people are varied and rewarding. At Career Training, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills needed to pursue the healthcare profession that suits you. Take the next step toward a wonderful career where you can impact people’s lives every day.

The Behavioral Health Tech (BHT) credential is for people who assist primary counselors and therapeutic staff by providing clinical support services to adults or children receiving treatment for substance use and/or mental health conditions in residential programs, in-patient settings, or community-based programs.

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This is a 30-hour class that provides individuals with an entry-level behavioral health technician certification. This certification is available to those wanting to or already working in the substance abuse and mental health fields. 

Those who complete the course will be qualified to assist counselors and therapists in various addiction and mental health programs including residential treatment, outpatient services, and community-organized events. 

A Behavioral Health Tech’s position may Entail:

Building positive relationships with individuals receiving mental health care

Making certain of the safety of those receiving mental health care services

Aiding those receiving treatment services with daily tasks like building healthy relationships with others and  providing necessary resources

Documenting and observing an individual’s treatment progression

Utilizing intervention techniques according to an individual’s treatment needs.

BHTs ensure that each patient encounters a positive environment where they feel safe and encouraged during their recovery. Since they will be interacting with patients, families, and other clinical staff, they must have excellent interpersonal and observational skills. Behavioral Health Technicians will usually participate and engage with patients in residential rehabs or partial hospitalization programs and community-based programs.

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Praise from Others

Very Friendly and Helpful

Michelle Erickson

Teacher are very friendly and very helpful it is a very good school especially if you don't really have a lot of time they work around your schedule with two different times to take classes Mrs.Hector is awesome and very helpful thank you so much for a wonderful experience.

It was a Breeze

. Lovely Joseph

Mrs. Rose is the best! She was a pleasure and made the class a breeze from registration until the last day.
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How to earn your Certification in Behavioral Health Tech?
  • Review each Module

  • Watch the Video in each Module

  • Pass the Quizzes in the Modules

  • Pass the Final Exam

  • Download and Print Your Certificate

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will I learn?

    Training will include the 12 steps of recovery, knowledge of documenting, recognizing behavioral changes. With this certification, you will be taking a huge step towards your career in the addiction industry. This is a fast-growing career.

    This course includes:
    20 Hours of Training
    10 Hours of Elective
    • Electives – 10 hours
    • Clinical Competence – 8 hours
    • Ethics and Professional Conduct – 4 hours
    • Document & Patient Confidentiality – 4hrs
    • Maintaining Client & Personal Safety –4hrs

  • How long do I have to complete the coures?

    You have three (3) months to complete the 30-hours course.

  • When I am ready, where can I take my state exam?

  • Will I receive a certificate after completing the class?

    Yes, As soon as you pass our online Behavioral Health tech training class, you can print your certificate. Meaning, you’ll be able to get a job right away!

  • Where can I work as a BHT?

    Work in rehabilitation facilities, correctional, schools, Detox, Sober House, psychiatric ward, hospitals, and more.

    BHT can search for open positions through online job boards, such as Indeed, Careerlink, and ZipRecruiter. Mental health-focused boards, such as iHireMentalHealth, also provide a variety of opportunities for BHTs and related positions. Local hospitals, rehab facilities, and mental health clinics may also list open positions on their respective websites.

  • How do I contact the school?

    Contact us
    Career Training
    Mon-Wed.10 am- 7 pm
    Thurs. - Fri. 10 am – 4 pm

  • Occupational Demand for BHT

    The number of behavioral health technician jobs is expected to increase by 12% by 2028, more than twice the average rate. BHT earned a median annual salary of $34,870 in 2018.